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Chapter 13 – Which constitution are you? (Part 2 of 2)

Are you starting to see the benefits of discerning which genotype you are? Does it speak to the polarities in your own relationships? I found that when I started to learn about Constitutions more that it gave me some real insights as to why some folks just could not relate to me and the way that I process more out of feelings, images and pictures.

A Calc. for example takes a more logical, systematic and methodological approach to wrap their IQ mind around anything in their world. They abhor chaos and so they love to impose a system, a process or a program, to help things run more smoothly. Like the Silicea, they much prefer to work in isolation in a more linear fashion.

A Sulphur is the EQ change agent. They’re all about big change, made with a big splash with a whole lot of recognition as they go. They’re not much for linear execution, as they share their big ideas with just about anyone who’ll listen to them. They love attention and will often be creating a raucous, embarrassing their children and spouse in the process of being. They don’t understand why everyone is so darn self-conscious. They’re here to evolve consciousness with or without you. I was recently telling a Sulphur friend about someone I know who meditates for 4 hours per day – her response was classic for the Sulphur type : “What can you do in there for that long?”

The Lycopodium can feel like they’re bridging both the upper and lower triad, along with the Pulsatilla. They will also say that they enjoy both their time alone and time with people. While money and climbing the corporate ladder is their modus operandi in the workplace while being a monumental success, they’re also often working alone in their home office until late into the night. They can easily become workaholics. Playing with their kids, or taking a hike with their spouse can help to balance this inclination to be working non-stop.

Now let’s get back to this week’s section of the audiobook.

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  1. Paul Bowman Paul Bowman

    My son is a Sulphur. He is trying to find his way. And boy is he HOT!

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