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Chapter 16 : My Birth

I imagined this aspect of my Heilkunst Treatment kind of like the scales of justice. The weight of my burgeoning health increasing on one side while the weight of my diseases were being shredded in the process, lessening my load substantially. While my trust and faith in the Heilkunst treatment was increasing, the healing reactions were kicking my proverbial hiney.

Imagine my shock and amazement when I got to relive my birth both physically and emotionally! I couldn’t believe how much my present actually was lining up with the events of the past. Although breathing was temporarily challenging, I intuited that I was positively addressing the shock and trauma around my birth.

This was an intimate, inside-out healing process — knowing that, without my mother present, meant that I was developing an inner guiding system for knowing the details of my past. What a frightening gift! While my gratitude was struggling to expand, at this juncture, I turned to girding my loins for what was coming down the pipe with regards to the Genetic Miasms.

I was developing more of a “bring it on” attitude as I was celebrating that I was really getting to know myself!

Healing Jordan’s and my own birth really set up how I navigated my daughter, Adie’s birth, in 1998. While she was born in the Ice Storm of The Century during a state of emergency in our region of Canada, I had a very successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section)! This was virtually unheard of by the midwife from England.

It was a joyous and life altering event for me in that I’d begun using homeopathic remedies and she literally fell out of me without a push. I chronicled Adie’s birth in my second book, “Unfolding The Essential Self” where I talk about how traumas from birth can influence psychological armouring later on in life.

Also, my personal evolution at this point had led me to explore the relationship between vaccination and autism, and I was being asked to contribute to a number of publications, magazines and books. I was invited by Andreas Bachmair to contribute to the book Vaccine Free: 111 Stories of Unvaccinated Children, where I shared Adie’s birth story.

My life’s traumas were really starting to be converted from an expression of abandonment and marginalization into Love. I was starting to feel more liberated and enthusiastic about it all.

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  1. Lee Lee

    Hi Ally,
    Thank you so much for this, for these. With Jeff, I’m going through vaccines and emotional traumas from 6-8 years old and this/these pieces are like a calming remedy for me as I prefer these days to listening with my body to reading with my head/ego. In gratitude,

    • Thanks so very much for your comment Lee. It is such my pleasure to hear that you’re enjoying the series while working through your own timeline. My Warmest, Ally

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