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Chapter 20 : The Mercury and Yeast Connection

Now my ire is up! It was interesting to me that when I was more plagued by disease, how damn numbed out and complacent I was. I never advocated for myself and for that matter, no one else did either. I was invisible in my cloak of disease.

At this juncture in my Heilkunst treatment, when I realized the yeast/mercury connection, I was pissed. The anger was leaking out my fingers onto the page. It wasn’t just about wanting to express the primal feelings, I was deeply compelled.

Perhaps recall when I said that as a kid, I’d wake with whole poems written in my head? Well now, with my burgeoning health, they were written on napkins, on the innards of my belly, rollicking around my head, and spewing forth in a volume that rocked my little suburban world.

The poem in this Chapter is a testament to this internal magic, coalescing with a snowballing creativity careening down the slopes of my imagination. The bit of knowledge that I was gleaning regarding how I’d unknowingly been prey to allopathic toxins because some dentist wanted to make a buck made me crazy!

Especially when I thought back about how I’d suffered interminable issues with yeast, itching, disgusting discharges that plagued the whole of my teenagehood and 20’s. Heck, Mercury poisoning has been linked with preterm labour and Autism!

What if the bane of my existence had been preventable?! What if I’d suffered so much in my life unnecessarily? What if my son’s suffering was also due to this toxic link? I was spitting mad, and righteously so, as we’re talking about a good half of my life suffering Mercury-related symptoms. I’ve spent most of my lifetime curing and healing this link to unprincipled patriarchal practices since.

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