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Chapter 21 : Breast Tumor

Through the Heilkunst medical process, I was not only turning my psyche inside-out for my viewing pleasure, but pathological physical issues also were also coming up for grabs. I was healing from the inside out!

My breast tumor, although a shock to my psyche, ended up having a deep functional purpose. Did you know that I still “date myself” regularly? In fact, I spent 7 months last Winter on a solo sabbatical, taking the opportunity to write another book about some health issues I found myself in of recent.

As mentioned prior, the Cancer state of mind lives from the outside-in, reliant on false authority and patriarchy, looking to be rescued by a mythical prince on a fine white steed. Until then, she lives the unlived life, rescuing others to the exclusion of her own self.

The tumor can take 5-50 years to show up, as our body is masticating and digesting cancer cells all of the time. If the state of mind engenders, just as a pregnancy does, we become prey to these errant forces labeled ‘Cancer’.

If you think about it, dissecting Cancer on the psychic level, you’d tease apart a tumor to find disappointed love, broken expressions of creativity, missed opportunities, anger, shame, grief, guilt, fear and very little magic. Giving up, numbness and resignation are defining characteristic of this disease.

Lusty expressions of self-love have been marginalized and forsaken while a mother lives for her children secretly blaming her husband for not fixing her suffering. It is the husband who becomes the workaholic to try to live out the expectations of his father and society.

It is a pitiable existence, all told and worthy of cure. I’ve just had a stage 4 Cancer patient gain 27 lbs, outlive the 6 month death sentence and start walking, gardening and producing raucous acts of creativity within her domain. It is heartening to witness these cures.

It becomes paramount that we rescue ourselves –it’s an inside-out job.

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