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Chapter 23 : Where to go from Here?

Paracelsus wrote, “The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician.” He also wrote about how God has provided a remedy for every disease.

In my self-study, at the time, I was learning that it would have been horribly cruel to drop us humans down on this earth with no capacity to cure ourselves. Richard Leviton wrote the book “Physician” which explores the “mind-body-environment” connection, and shows how the very nature of modern medicine obstructs true spiritual development. He says that, “By learning how homeopathy and other energetic approaches to health and wellness function, we may discover truly effective tools for healing while opening new gateways to spiritual growth.

If we’re really savvy and astute, through Heilkunst, we can recover our essential selves through the portal of the natural world through energetic medicine. It is the critical step in countering the deadly diseases of the past, the present and the future. It is our birthright to be cured without being caused an ounce of harm.

It is interesting to me that some patients just come to us to solve their physical health issues, such as allergies, while others seem to want the whole keys to the kingdom of consciousness. No matter their goals, we’ve arrived at a place in our own health and knowledge to supply them with the specific tools that they seek. It is on their terms that we serve them.

As I look back, now, after a four year medical degree and a postgraduate research study, I feel so very fortunate to be proffered these tools for curing and healing. I’m so thankful to Jordan for having brought me here! I am as in awe today and I was back then, now having helped hundreds of people out of the realm of suffering to a place of whole health. It causes me to bow down in thanks and supplication to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and others, also that almighty Force that thought to lay down the principles of cure at our bended knee for those able to see them. It’s truly been like finding the sword in the stone.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful book!

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