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Chapter 3 – Homeopathy, Magical Cure?

In this week’s Chapter, you’ll get to touch the tip of a very dynamic iceberg.  As you will learn, by a series of synchronicities, I end up hosting a class taught by a local classical homeopath in my home.  In fact, she practically barges into my careworn space, offering me the introductory course for free if I invite a small entourage of family and friends.  In fact, she tells me, she already has a few people interested in attending this mini course on Homeopathic First Aid in my area and what night of the week would I be interested in hosting?

I acquiesced and received my very first Materia Medica by Dr. E.B. Nash from her that first night — along with 9 local suburbanites and family.  I remember staring at it in stunned silence as I ran my thumb over the plastic wrapping.  I was immediately taken with the use of the principle ‘like cures like’ to be able to resolve my son’s bruises, scrapes, cuts and minor low-grade fevers.  I was already thinking that I could save myself some trips to the Emergency Room if I was able to absorb this new information.  As the homeopath spoke, I started to think about how I might apply these remedies in real life situations.

I learned that by using a 30CH or 200CH potency with Arnica Montana, Hypericum Perforatum, Ledum Palustre and Chamomilla that I could safely help my child to resolve minor first aid complaints at home.  With these remedies I’d be able to deal with bruises from falls, nerve damage to fingers jammed in a door, a black eye and anxious fussiness respectively.  I was very excited at this prospect, even though the description around potencies seemed a little mystifying to me at the time.
I’ve got an extra chair set aside in my living room for you to join me this week in chapter 3 of The Path To Cure.

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