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Chapter 5 – Jordan meets Homeopathy

Do you remember that brand new homeopathic materia medica that I still had in its plastic wrapping back in Chapter 3? Well, today in Chapter 5, you’ll find out that I actually cracked that book open, and started to get quite enthused with homeopathy.  The weekly sessions in my home were starting to have an impact on me and over the next couple of years, I slowly began to integrate the use of “one remedy per person” into our family’s  first aid treatment.

I would buy a new remedy every one or two months, try it, and then kind of forget about it.  Typically, it wouldn’t work and I made the assumption that either I just wasn’t a very good prescriber, or that these microdoses didn’t have the potential to cure anything.  After all, I was a financial advisor with a background in sociology and criminology, so I was a kind of ‘see it to believe it’ kind of gal.

Also, how could something so infinitesimal actually cure a disease matrix so profound like Jordan’s autism anyway?  I mean, really, it didn’t even remotely make any sense. I sought out the advice of a well-known classical homeopath in our village, hoping that she could help to demystify this for me. At the onset, I was very hopeful that she would be able to help to resolve Jordan’s physical and emotional distortions.

I took her single remedy prescriptions diligently for several months and while Jordan’s issues improved a short time, all of his symptoms would return with a vengeance subsequent weeks thereafter.  As you’ll find out, I couldn’t figure out that if the remedies had no merit, why they’d have any effect at all. Was there something to this therapy, but it was somehow being under utilized? I was totally mystified with all alternative therapies at this time.

I was also putting out between $350 to $500 per month for Homeopathy, Chiropractic, and energy work with little to no yield for which my husband was also getting fed up.  Again, my guilt and shame increased in incremental notches as time wore on.  What was I missing?  Obviously I was expecting way too much from from all of these alternative modalities.  I remember wondering, “What now?”

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