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Chapter 7 – part 2 of 3 – Sequential Therapy?

Ever notice that when you go to the Doctor, you’re limited to a couple of questions, the prescription pad comes out and then you’re simply off to the drugstore to get a tube full of cream or a bottle full of pills? Do you ever feel short-changed as a result? Are you ever curious to find out more about why you’re suffering the symptoms in the first place and if there’s another way?

This is the point that I got to for Jordan and myself. I was learning, through this Heilkunst Medicine process that there are only 3 things that medicine can do. It can palliate, suppress or cure. Palliation is really just an illusion that the symptoms are gone, suppression is really just a bigger illusion that the symptoms are gone and a cure means that not only the symptoms are gone, but they’re not coming back. Which one do you want?

We all know this to be true as when you go off a drug, often the symptoms are buried below ready to rear their ugly head again. Monsters, monsters, monsters! Occasionally, we’ll think that that antibiotic (literally meaning “against life”) cured the pneumonia last Winter, but then the following year, we feel the same symptoms coming on to find out that this time the disease is now three times worse putting us into the hospital.

We can eat well and exercise, but if you’re suffering a repeating disease matrix, suppression and palliation are not going to resolve it outright. We’re also finding that Ibuprofens are increasing asthma and heart issues by 50%; just another illustration of how palliation and suppression comes with a cost, a “sacrifice” on our lifeforce.

This week you’ll learn some of the philosophy and principles behind where our medical thinking took some wrong turns and how we need to lawfully cure disease on its own terms; on the generative side of our living principle (the roots of disease). Please bear with me as I try to make the very complex philosophy of Heilkunst as simple as possible for you, the listener, to understand.

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