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Chapter 7 – part 3 of 3 – Sequential Therapy?

Have you ever wanted to roll back the clock? Have you felt shame about specific things you may have caused in the way of a shock or trauma to your child? I sure did. I was terrified that my mother’s issues of schizophrenia and manic depression were somehow lodged in my son and that the vaccine insult had somehow invited this genetic mess to the surface. Were her issues showing up as Autism in him?

I’d always been apprehensive to have children and here I was living a hell on earth due to my procreative indiscretion. I just kept feeling haunted by thoughts that my dirty genes were clearly showing up in my son. I was irked with feelings of guilt. Then, to make matters worse, I went and exacerbated the situation by inviting the nether disease monsters from below by adding 19 different chemicals and adjuvants to my son’s already delicate condition by allowing the MMR vaccine to be injected in him.

When my Heilkunst Practitioner, Patty, offered that we might be able to reverse the ill effects in Jordan by plucking each trauma from his timeline, including the vaccines, I was skeptical at best. Especially when she further suggested that we would then eradicate those Miasmic Monsters coming down our family line, my materialistic brain simply just shut down with lack of proof. How was this possible? Was she kidding me?

I couldn’t even imagine, if it were indeed remotely true, what this might look like. However, I dutifully plotted Jordan’s sequential timeline; itemizing the meds., suppositories, enemas, hospital visits, general anasthetic/surgery for removing the impacted stool manually, multiple rounds of antibiotics, ear infections, pneumonia, vaccine shocks and his horrendous birth trauma. What a laundry list of shame!

You’ll just have to listen on to see what happens … I still can’t believe it!

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