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The Story

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your son or daughter’s underlying cause for autism resolved outright? Many of us have been promised that very thing to then find out that the special diet, alternative approach or supplement didn’t turn out to be all that we’d hoped for. We know as we tried every approach available until we came to this system of medicine.

The Path To Cure is the true story of a mother determined to overcome such setbacks in curing her son’s autism. She got fed up with the never-ending management of symptoms, and searched for how to eradicate the root cause, instead. Her goal was to have her son be able to hold the reins of his health in his own hands, one day. Most modalities were indicating a lifetime of micro-management tools.

At that time, no Physicians were using the term ‘Autism’. The diagnoses at best was to just to manage the individual symptoms with a “high fibre diet” and stool softeners. The underlying behaviors were not even considered in the diagnoses. While the Kindergarten teacher labeled the author’s son with “ADD” and the grade 1 teacher recommend speech therapy, the author kept feeling that apples kept falling out of the diagnostic basket. There were no wholistic diagnoses to explain why her son was suffering with these symptoms. Certainly, there were no guiding principles putting all the pieces together for her and then recommending an integrated treatment plan. The disparate pieces just never remotely fit together.

The Path To Cure teaches these ideas in the form of an easily accessible story — unfolded exactly as the author experienced it for herself. It tells of the reversal of her son’s autism, and ultimately — her own healing journey which resulted from this sequential Heilkunst process. It is a journey into the essence of self-love, and an intimate portrayal of how the deeper system of Heilkunst Medicine works.

She shares all of it with the reader in this true heart-rending story. Many mothers, and fathers too, who’ve read the book, say that it was intrinsic to the start of their own healing … their own path to cure, which in turn benefitted their whole family in the most subtle and surprising of ways.

The Author

Allyson McQuinn, DMH, JAOH made a pact with her Maker that if her son was ever cured outright from his autistic spectrum issues that she would write a book about it. She not only illustrates how this is feasible, but also goes into her own stunningly painful journey to eradicate emotional suffering so profound, she wondered if she might not survive.

This is the story of how a mother, for the love of her child, would not accept any drugs or other unproven interventions to resolve her son’s issues. In her quest to find a true cure, she ends up slamming right into her own torturous issues. Eventually, she realized that her issues and her son’s sufferings were intimately related!

Heilkunst provided McQuinn with so many of the answers she sought, that she actually gave up her lucrative career as a financial advisor to become a practitioner! Since 2003, she has repaid this gift of healing by serving autism families suffering similar challenges as she had.

The Book

The Path To Cure was first published as a paperback in 2004, and then later as an ebook, when that technology became more widely available. It is now available as an audiobook, and you can listen to it in its entirety for free.

To access the complete audiobook, as well as all of the enhanced video and audio content, sign up for free at

Here, you will be taken on a guided tour, including the the complete original story, as well all of the additional insights gained in the many years of clinical experience which further illuminate the original story.

“When we travel through an unknown country we trust our Guide Book. Allyson in this book has so gently and intimately written for us a guide book to take us through our inner country, the mysterious journey of health and healing.”

– Dr. Farid Shodjaee, B. Sc., D.D.S.