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Chapter 13 – Which constitution are you? (Part 1 of 2)

When Jeff and I are working with patients to discern their Constitutional type, one of the tendencies we’re looking at is where on the spectrum they fall between introversion and extraversion (or ‘IQ’ and ‘EQ’). We might ask them if they recharge their energy more from being with people, or being alone.

For example, a Silicea Constitution will typically answer minimally by stating, “Definitely alone.” In fact, they may express it with a measure of annoyance that they even have to put up with all those needy emotional EQ dominant folks, they being more IQ in orientation. They love being alone to think, process and work autonomously. Being constantly disrupted is such a source of annoyance to them.

The Phosphorous individual will excitedly and emphatically tell you about how they get their greatest source of energy from being with other people. I serve a young Phos. in the States and she was saying just last week that College was harder than she expected, that studying for long stretches can feel like a drag on her energy, causing her to fall asleep, but that she loves fundraising with her sorority and working at the local restaurant where she can flare with her sparkling personality.

We also got into the realm of packing for a trip and she bubbled with surprise when I told her everything I own can now fit in just one large suitcase and a carry-on. It was funny watching her eyes and mouth open with surprise and spout, “What about all your shoes?” I laughed to hear her project her feelings on this subject onto me as I pragmatically explained that I can only wear one pair of shoes at a time and that living more nomadically meant I had to pare down my pairs of footwear. Phos. love to dress up like Hollywood divas and decorate themselves for a fun party or social event.

The Pulsatilla will usual hem and haw for a moment or two wanting to please you by giving the right answer, but then will come to the decided conclusion that “both” is the correct feeling for them. They will go on to embellish that while they love being with people, they also need their alone time in order to regroup and replenish.

A Puls. will talk about their family, and how much they love getting everyone all organized at work or at home. Their heartfelt gestures and doe-like eyes will let you know that a good book in front the the cozy fire is as important to them as meeting a good friend for tea to chat about their beloved babe or new love interest. They love receiving praise and acknowledgement from others.

Do you fall into any of these categories with regards to EQ or IQ? Do you feel that you may be in this upper triad of constitutional types? If not, we’ll explore some of the same questions with regards to the lower constitutional triad next week.

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