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Chapter 17 : The Miasms

Back at the onset of my Heilkunst treatment, do you recall my skepticism about how this placebo based medicine wasn’t going to be able to address the larger percentage of my ills? At this juncture of my treatment, I was not only pleasantly surprised, but the word ‘elated’ kept coming to mind.

This was turning out to be a deeply guided tour into my consciousness, an excavation of self. I was beginning to think that Heilkunst might hold the keys for the medical kingdom. What if this system of medicine didn’t just unlock symptoms, but that a human being got to plumb their whole functional purpose? In those early days, it was all too much for my pea brain to muster.

Having served hundreds of patients, now, and having witnessed precisely the same trajectory, only the details are different. I had a patient wrap up her own Heilkunst treatment last week stating that she could never have imagined that her more superficial symptoms to lead to such a mind-blowing illumination of self-discovery. I know, me too!

Here’s a little more on each Genetic Miasms that are presented in this chapter, as well as the three more that have since been added. Evolution keeps marching on and Heilkunst is flexible enough to heed the call, it would seem:

Psora – “the itch disease,” restlessness, despair, allergies, colds that correspond with the fall, poverty consciousness.

Sycosis (Medhorrinum) – gonorrhea, excessively passionate, strong needs for expression, extremists, excesses both experientially (ie., bungy jumping and extreme sports) and sexually, vices like drugs and alcohol.

Syphilis – genital ulcer, marked tissue destruction, facial/teeth abscesses and abnormalities, a break down on all levels, near misses, accidents, insidious self-destructive tendencies.

Tuberculosis – “pseudo-psora,” yearning for travel, unfulfilled romantic types, ADD, chronic constipation, displays of rage and spite, constant moving from place to place.

Cancer – sensitivity, patients who live “outside themselves,” rescuing others to the exclusion of themselves, not embracing of their own lives, fastidious, love of chocolate, desire dancing and thunderstorms. Suffering from the “unlived life.”

Since The Path To Cure was written, as mentioned above, three more miasms have been unearthed at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst:

Malaria: nauseousness, diarrhea, fever, flu-like, feelings of giving up, forced letting go, why bother?

Ringworm: circular rash, thrush, athletes foot, fungal issues, Groundhog Day theme; struggle, struggle, struggle, give up, and then try all over again.

Lyme: Complete implosion of the immune system, total withdrawal from society, the most extreme end of the “quiet” scale on the autism spectrum.

The miasmatic load we all carry is subsequently passed on to our children, which was personally my biggest fear. My sole goal became to solve this in my beloved babes and also in myself and see what was buried below. It was clear that producing enough traumas in my childhood led to the tendrils of these diseases from spawning symptoms in my physical body.

I realized that ALL diseases start in the mind before any symptoms appear, turning the whole of medical science on its hiney. I was just scratching the surface in the way of knowledge and Heilkunst’s foundational principles. I didn’t know that this system of medicine would become one of the great loves of my life.

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