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Chapter 18 : My Miasmic Baggage

A big core theme around breathing came to the fore with clearing my Genetic Miasms, especially Psora. It was interesting to me that my mother’s suicide occurred late September when this Miasm also correlates seasonally.

Both books, “Messages From The Body” by Michael J. Lincoln and “The Healing Power of Illness” by Thorwald Dethlefsen speak to how when “inspiration” is thwarted, it will show up as grief; in particular to how it relates to losses and disappointments as per the relationship with the mother. This was the “red thread” or the etiology of my case.

As I continued down the Heilkunst bunny trail, through the Miasms, the chaotic nature of my symptoms were abating. I was starting to see so very clearly how this ginormous suppressive loss had coloured my whole world.

Subconsciously, my mother’s suicide was a dance card that I held in relief, in my back pocket, never wholly committing to my life. I’d always had one foot in the other realm, willing to play that card at a moment’s notice. Without the former traumas and Miasms bearing down on me, I realized that this gesture as an escape artist was not essentially mine, but my mother’s. I’d inherited it, but it wasn’t essentially mine.

As a result, I became much more “inspired.” I was fuelled to know, to write, to research, to write some more. My inner muse from childhood began to explode with the desire to know myself. That fount has never been capped! As I sit and write this almost 12 years since The Path To Cure was released, I just released my 13th book (including 2 books of poetry), hundreds of blogs, and dozens of contributions to other magazines and books. Believe me, I’m the most surprised of anyone.

This blossoming into one’s essential self turns out to be the birthright of every individual. I’m still so surprised how Heilkunst is the vehicle to take any truly committed individual exactly there. I see it hour after hour with my patients.

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