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Chapter 7 – part 1 of 3 – Sequential Therapy?

This week you get to live my first visit to Patty’s office with initial intake forms and Jordan’s timeline in hand. I was beginning to understand that we were going to strip my son of his emotional and physical shocks and traumas, one by one, in the order that he had assumed them. We were going to begin in the present and work back to his birth, the idea being that if the roots are eradicated, the symptoms no longer have anything to anchor to.

I realized that this process was distinctly different than what the other homeopath had tried. While the classically-trained homeopath had given one remedy per person, this Heilkünstler was doing something totally different, often prescribing multiple remedies for each disease matrix that Jordan had suffered on his timeline. Apparently this was going to address the generative roots of his disease matrix, while all other approaches to date had been mostly sustentive in an attempt to “balance” his health.

He also got an Emotional Support Dropper Bottle full of remedies along with a Drainage and Organ Support Combination to address regular detoxification, and to address constipation issues. Both droppers were to be taken daily while the timeline remedies were taken differently, in a series of lactose powder over several nights. I was curious to know if this prior shortfall in homeopathy’s one remedy per person approach would be resolved with this more dynamic system.

The other aspect of Heilkunst treatment was to ensure Jordan had enough water in his daily regimen, along with foods for his “B” blood type diet. A diet typology researched by Dr. D’Adamo in his book, “Eat Right For Your Type” that meant Jordan was going to have more easily assimilable foods more ideally suited to his biological constitution.

Eat Right 4 Your Type
Eat Right 4 Your Type

We also needed to eliminate the sugars and grains from his diet. How the heck was I going to do that? Jordan lived on chicken fingers, hot dogs and carrot sticks with dip. He deemed ketchup a vegetable! He seemed to hate anything else that I offered him. He’d live on sugar and carbs if I’d let him. Boy, back then, I had a lot to learn.

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  1. Allyson it’s been wonderful to have this opportunity to now experience your book in audio i. I certainly want to thank you. I hear just how difficulty your journey through life as been and then also with your son. Thanks for choosing to bring your personal healing even further by choosing to come and help so many of us.

    The deeper I go into my treatment along also with my son in his own treatment to find his way out of the autism state, the greater understanding and healing is happening I sense very strongly. I’m extremely grateful for Heilkunst and all the wonderful people who chose to bring this modality to our world.

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