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Chapter 8 – Back to Jordan

Perhaps you’ll recall that way back then, I was a financial advisor. I didn’t believe in any woo woo magic stuff that couldn’t be proven logically, or scientifically. How could a bunch of bio-energetic medicines, that wouldn’t measure on any chemist’s material scale cure my son’s serious diseases? How was this even possible?

I was not prepared for what we began to see in Jordan’s case. I was shocked to witness not just physical clearings of his sufferings, but big emotional leaps start to occur too. I likened the process a bit to giving birth, while the healing reactions could be arduous and messy with the big fevers vomiting and diarrhea, there began to be such monumental leaps in cognition and his physical capacities that I was seriously blown away.

He suddenly began to gain weight, his feet were growing, he was starting to eliminate regularly and his speech started to resume. I still recall when he first said, “I love you Mom.” It was after one of the vaccine clears. When we addressed the Tuberculinum Genetic Miasm, in sequential order this time, the rage completely dissipated, he didn’t suffer ADD-like symptoms anymore and he used the bathroom to pass stool totally unaided.

At first, I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was like getting fired from a full-time job without any notice! I was simply dazed and confused. But I had my little boy back, a fully operational model. I felt like the spell had been removed from my very own Pinocchio. I would need time to get to know my new son … and repair my broken self.

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